Jobs and Trends In Data Science

Jobs and Trends In Data Science

Trends in Data Science

Before we jump into the how-tos, let’s take a look at some trends in the data science field.

For three years running, data science has been dubbed ¨the best job in America.¨ According to Stack Overflow, it is one of the highest paying jobs in the software sector.

Yet, despite being the sexiest job of the 21st century, many positions are still unfilled across the globe. Why? There is a shortage of talent. The last several years have seen a rapid surge in demand for data science jobs abroad. And IBM estimates that by 2020, demand for Data Scientists and Analysts will leap by 28 percent.

Sectors that are trending as emerging markets are in financial services, manufacturing, and logistics. And with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becoming ever-more important worldwide, jobs in the government sector are expected to boom, as well.

Aside from the idea of working seaside or in a romantic ancient city, surrounded by culture and excitement, working abroad has many benefits you may not have considered:

  • Income: Globally, data science careers are some of the most profitable. Across the board, salaries worldwide are lower than in the U.S., but this should not deter you. The cost of living abroad is typically less expensive, too. Therefore, lower salaries can be quite competitive in comparison. You might be surprised by the lifestyle you can afford with a fraction of the income.
  • Cultural experience: This may be obvious, but we’ll repeat it here. Living immersed in another culture, surrounded by new customs, people, and languages can be an enlightening experience. It can add a perspective, and even intrigue to a mundane routine.
  • Environment: Relocating for a dream job abroad allows you to choose how you live, from the community to the climate. A change of scenery can be an excellent boost to moral as long as the climate and location suit you.

Are You Prepared to Work Abroad?

The next step is to prepare yourself as the best candidate. Data science is a blend of a number of disciplines in math, statistics, and science. But its implementation is also specific to industries. Specializing in a specific sector will narrow your search and the competition. You’re more likely to be considered for a position if you have experience in sector for which you apply.

Every data scientist should have strong skill in the following:

  • Programming tools
  • Statistics
  • Data visualization and communication, intuition, and wrangling
  • Machine learning

Other valuable skills that will help you land that dream job are:

  • Multivariable calculus and linear algebra
  • Software engineering

Specifically, you will need to demonstrate skills in data coding. According to an article posted in, you should have experience in:

  • bash/command line
  • Python
  • SQL
  • R
  • Java


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